Why SK-Tours?

  • SK-Tours has created its own special niche by combining educational-study tours and pilgrimage with the experience of walking, to give the visitor a physical sense of the ground and the country.
  • SK-Tours specializes in combined regional journeys to Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Sinai and Egypt.
  • SK-Tours offers a vast variety of personal contacts with people during encounters with individuals from the region's myriad communities, including Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin, religious communities and political groups.
  • SK-Tours educational tours address issues of conflict, but focus in particular on topics of achievement and cooperation as part of their concept of in the footsteps of the future.”
  • SK-Tours does not offer pre-planned programs but instead offer concept-oriented tours. This is translated into tailor-made programs that are developed during an ongoing process of dialogue with the client.
  • SK- Tours has extensive experience in planning and operating trekking and hiking tours. The company has established a range of trekking tours in the Sinai based on the tradition and expertise of the local Bedouin population. These tours have been operating for 30 years and have gained an excellent reputation as well-planned, safe and highly professional trekking options.
  • SK-Tours developed its spirit in the Sinai Desert.
  • We know the desert and we love the desert. More than half of Israel is desert and the same is true with the neighboring countries. We use our skill as desert experts to enrich your tour.
  • SK Tours has selected its staff carefully, so that in planning your tour you will be able to consult with experts from various fields, ranging from education, theology, anthropology, nutrition and history of the Middle East.
  • SK-Tours is run by two directors: Tzachi Kedar from Israel and Georg Roessler, a native German living in Israel. The two offer special qualities that together have merged to create the company's highly distinct profile. Tzachi comes with his expertise in desert trekking, while Georg brings his educational study-tours and pilgrimage background.

Journey to Jerusalem

What attracts people to walk the Journey to Jerusalem ? Perhaps it is the mix of adventure, seeing the Land of Israel and its cultural and scenic mosaic, and the companionship that builds up over several days of walking and exploring together.

Our staff

Tzachi Kedar
Georg Roessler
Shenja Kashi
Gedi Hampe
Moti Awadish
Matty Klopper
Alain Hubsch
Sharon Schwab


International Conferences

International Conferences (Berlin, Wien, Zurich) on Pilgrimage Hiking “The Journey to Jerusalem”


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