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The region
The southern Sinai Peninsula, a triangle of rugged mountainous terrain lying between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, is one of the world's most striking stretches of desert. Thanks to its complex geological structure, it boasts a unique variety of landscapes, most notably a deep blue sea, with the best accessible coral reefs in the world, skirted by wide sandy beaches and palm oases, some of which have become tourist centers in the last few years. Mountains, from steep black pointed ranges built of metamorphic rocks to massive red granite peaks, rise to heights of up to 2600 meters, amidst deep gorges that feature year-round mountain streams; fantastically-shaped sandstone mountains, intersected by deep and narrow canyons and girded with strikingly colorful walls; vast stretches of Sahara-like sand dunes and flat valleys strewn with huge, contorted sandstone blocks. These amazing and varied landscapes and many others can be seen within a few days of traveling in the Sinai.
Add to this extraordinary view of nature a friendly and hospitable Bedouin population, a number of thrilling archaeological sites and the Biblical tradition about the wanderings of the children of Israel in the desert – and you find yourself in the ideal place for a desert safari tour.
The Safari
Sinai Desert Safari takes you far away from the busy tourist centers into the great freedom of the vast and empty wilderness. As you discover the inner reaches of the desert, you will realize why this area is so dearly cherished.
In four-wheel-drive, 9-seater land cruiser vehicles, you will drive on desert dirt roads, traverse the sandy valleys of eastern Sinai, visit hidden desert oases and reach remote sites all over the peninsula.
Each day of your safari will combine desert drives with hikes, long or short, depending on your group’s preferences. You will meet the local Bedouin population in their traditional surroundings and become acquainted with their way of life.
Overnights will be spent in hotels along the coast, in the St. Catharine area, or camping out in the terrain under the starry desert sky (or in tents).

With the exception of only a few rainy days, the weather in Sinai is always dry and clear. In the lower regions winters are pleasantly warm and summers are quite hot. In the high range of the Sinai, winters are very cold and summers are pleasantly warm with cool nights.


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