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There are two main motivations for selecting a tour to Israel and its neighboring countries. The first is to expand one's interest in the region's history; the second is related to understanding today's social–political issues.
Thanks to the unique geographical position, the area became a meeting point between numerous cultural influences, but also meant it experienced an extremely tempestuous and violent history. The region has been invaded, conquered and ruled by myriad tribes and nations, with each one in turn leaving evidence of its footprint.
At some point this region notably became the cradle of monotheism – first in Judaism, then in Christianity, and later on still in the 7th century in Islam.
On one of our historically-oriented study tours you will visit Roman, Greek, Pharaonic, Mesopotamian, Byzantine, Muslim and Jewish sites (and this is just a partial list!!), all within extremely short distances from each other. We will show you the meeting points and flashpoints between the three major monotheistic religions throughout history.
The region's sociopolitical reality is equally fascinating. Many people see the region as a laboratory for observing historical processes, political issues and social concerns.
Visitors interested in exploring social and political ideas will find almost every subject represented in this region. In addition to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is much to learn about immigrant absorption and integration and the conflicts between ethnic communities, the meeting between Islam and the Western world, the problems of an Arab minority within a Jewish majority society, coexistence between Bedouin society and Palestinian society in Jordan, the process of transformation from a nomadic society to a settled society among the Bedouin in Israel, in Jordan and in the Sinai, and many more fascinating topics.
So whether your group is interested in a historically-oriented tour or in exploring contemporary issues, we will design a professional program specially tailored for you.
Share your group's interests with us, and we will match a knowledgeable guide specifically for them.
We will add lecturers on specific subjects according to your requests, as well as
arrange meetings with individuals and groups in Israel, Jordan and the Sinai.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


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