Shenja Kashi


Shenja is the russian soul of our office. She was born 1976 in Moscow and since then got around in the world quite a bit. After graduating from High School she came to Germany as a scholarship student, where she studied Art History, Comparative Religious Studies and Spanish Linguistics at the University of Bonn. From there she moved to Berlin after a longer stopover in Toronto. Among other things, she held the position of an instructor specializing in the German-Jewish relations. In Berlin she met Uriel, who is since then her better half.
Since 2007 Shenja and her family live in Israel – for a few years in the Mediterranean Bat Yam, now in the holy Jerusalem.
For several years she worked as a journalist and editor with “Israel Nachrichten”, a daily newspaper founded 1936 in Tel Aviv. Later, realizing that playing the piano does not necessarily imply classical music, and in order to balance her work as a translator for a lawyer's office in Tel Aviv, Shenja developed a passion for Jazz piano.

In 2013 Shenja and her family relocated to Jerusalem and Shenja came to work for SK-Tours. Since then she had less and less time for the piano, but instead came to enjoy the City's Charm in all its multiple facets. At SK-Tours Shenja is responsible for programs and operation of tours. In her little free time she explores the fascinating and hidden corners of Israel and Palestine …

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