Georg Roessler


Georg is co-director of  SK Tours in Nature
He was born in 1959 in Duesseldorf, Germany, and immigrated to Israel in September 1988.
As a youth, Georg was a notably poor school student.  Eventually earning his Master’s degree in Judaic studies, theology and law, he made it his mission to make learning a pleasurable enterprise. From that point on he became involved in the field of tourism. ...
His marriage to a Jewish Israeli has made topics like Jewish-Christian interactions and the German-Israeli dialogue concrete issues in his daily life. After moving to Israel he became the co-founder and chairman of the “Israeli-German-Forum/Jerusalem,”  an organization active in the realm of Israeli-German relations.
Living in Jerusalem drew his family nearer to the question of Jewish-Arab relations. For several years he was active in the city’s mixed Jewish-Arab “Hand-in-Hand” school . Today, this school is one of four of its kind where Jews and Arabs study as equals and try to build a common future in the country.
For many years, the issue of violence has been of particular interest to him. In 2004 he founded “SOS-Violence/Center for Violence Studies in Israel,” and in 2009 the organization “De-Mobbing/The Israeli Center for Environmental Safety at Workplace.”  Through workshops, seminars and lectures with youth, students, teachers, as well as employers and employees both organizations offer effective tools of non-violent resistance against physical and psychological violence.

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