Alain Hubsch


I was born in France,  studied history in Berlin and moved to Israel in 1985.
My passion to explore the land of Israel on foot brought me to the decision to be a tour-guide and to devote part of my time to archeological excavations.
I worked for a few years for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), excavated in Jerusalem, and the Beit Guvrin amphitheater.  Aftera a year in Brazil and a long stop over in Germany and France, where I was active in Jewish educational and cultural fields, I came back to Israel together with my Brazilian-born wife and our two kids. Since 2014,  we are  living in the coastal town of Netanya.   
My  passion for travelling, hiking, cycling and meeting people from around the world is the leading power in my present activity as a guide and as an initiateur of tours to Israel.

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