Sharon Schwab


Born in 1976, Sharon grew up in Winsen close to Hamburg.

While still in Germany, being a member of a youth movement similar to Scouts, he discovered his passion for hiking in nature. After a first journey in the region, a second passion evolved: the land of Israel. Affection, deep interest and the determination to take an active part in the colourful, complex Israeli society brought Sharon to the decision to become a new immigrant in 2002. Later on he found his new home as a member in Kibbutz Gaash on the Mediterranean shore.

As a trained veterinarian´s assistant he worked several years in the agricultural branches (gardening and cowshed) of the Kibbutz.

After graduating from Tel Aviv University with a B.A. degree in Gender Studies and Jewish History, Sharon became a licensed tour guide and appreciates the opportunity to show the land of Israel in its beauty but also with its challenges to German speaking visitors – always concerned to pass on some of the love and respect he feels for this tiny stripe of land and the people living here.

Since 2010 he works for SK tours as a guide for hiking tours, pilgrimages and study tours.

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