In the footsteps of the future


Taking a different look …

On this trip to Israel we are interested in offering you something different than the usual concept of ‘Study Tour to Explore the Middle East Conflict’.
Looking beyond the conflict, we will try to experience Israel's vitality, pace of living and amazing creativity. The range of ethnic groups among the country's population, differing and even controversial religious and cultural backgrounds – this is a place where nothing can be taken for granted and everything is being challenged.
At the same time, you will find that Israel's deeply rooted tradition of education and its diverse social fabric serve to stimulate world-class scientific, technological and social developments, which shape the country's future on a daily basis.
We will explore the dynamics of why over the years Israel has been responsible for some of the world's most innovative developments and inventions, many of which have changed the face of Western society.
As we visit the Palestinian territories on our study tour, we will engage the Palestinian neighbors in a dialogue about their concept of a future without occupation.  What can be their share and their contribution to the future of this unique region?
In short, this is a somewhat different type of trip to Israel and to the Palestinian Territories.

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