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The faith of Israel has many of its roots in the world of ancient Egypt and Sinai.  This is evident already with the pivotal figure of the Pentateuch, Moses, with his name reminding the names of various pharaos….
Later on, the belief of the Pharaoh Echnaton in one God left its imprint on the region. – and passing through the Sinai Desert the Israelites encounter the God of Fire of the Medianites.
The journey back and forth from Canaan to Egypt was part of the ancient "Via Maris." Perhaps the most important military and trade connection between ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, this route went along the Sinai and through the continental bridge of Palestine. The resulting cultural exchange and impact of the various superpowers in those days was tremendous.
This cultural proximity was also expressed through the region's close physical distances. Consider that the time it takes to reach today's Tel Aviv from Cairo is much shorter than the route from ancient Cairo to the city of Aswan!
These cross-cultural influences gave rise to a strong faith whose deepest roots were in the journey from Egypt to Canaan. During the many years' of wandering through the desert, the foundations of the covenant between God and his people were laid. Christian faith is well-anchored in this belief – that God walks with his people.
Throughout our journey we seek to bring this concept alive as we pass through the culture of Egypt, the desert of the Sinai and cross into the Promised Land.


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