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If we consider religious, historical and cultural points of view, the two sides of the Jordan River may be viewed as one unit. What today is a border and a closed military area was once perceived as a natural crossing point between cultures and people.

At Gesher, a Roman, a Turkish and a British bridge provide tangible proof that from ancient until modern times, people have been crossing the Jordan back and forth.  According to tradition, Qasr el Yahud near Jericho is the place where the children of Israel crossed from Jordan into the Promised Land.  And Beit Shean, Jerash, and Pela are all part of an ancient city federation that spanned both sides of the Jordan River.

Just a few of the names and places that evoke the rich cultural, historical and religious heritage of the Jordan Valley region are the Sea of Galilee, Jericho, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, the Dead Sea, Massada, the Arava Valley, Red Sea, Petra, Shoubak, Dana, Machaerus, Madaba, Jerash and Adjlun.

And despite all of the area's political differences and environmental obstacles, the trade-off of water and territory between Israel and Jordan today shows an understanding that regional issues can be solved across today's borders.


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