Tzachi Kedar


The seminal experience that shaped my outlook as a tourism professional was my encounter with the Sinai Peninsula. As a young man I was privileged to visit this desert region untouched by Western influences, and to guide through its enchanted landscapes many groups of travelers seeking encounters with nature and man in this unique part of the world.

The experiences yielded by these trips instilled in me a deep understanding of nature’s powerful impact on those who spend time in it.

My interactions with the desert-dwelling Sinai Bedouin, both individually and within the tour-group framework, taught me the importance of the human encounter as part of the overall tour experience.

For many years now I have been initiating, planning and operating tours that are not always mere desert excursions, but which reflect the ideals that I absorbed during my years in the Sinai; I try to incorporate these ideals into the tour plans for all of the tours that I plan, in Israel and in neighboring areas.

At various points in my life I have expanded my areas of activity and delved into additional subject areas: I have studied economics and history of the Islamic countries at the academic level; I have learned and taught mind-body practices (the Alexander Technique); and I have worked with groups of mentally-disabled teens.

I live in Jerusalem with my wife and three children. And together with my partner and our outstanding team of employees, I operate and manage SK Tours.

Tzachi Kedar